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Thanks for your interest in "A House For His Name" in Whitewater, CO 

We are a group of "empty nesters", who are seriously committed believers in Jesus Christ. We meet on a
weekly basis in our "country" Church facility to practice our faith, worship the Lord and find service to Him.
We are fundamental and non-charismatic in beliefs, and if you need to categorize us we are simply bible-believing people gathered together to do God's will and learn of His Word. 

If you are just starting your spiritual journey, or inquisitive about it, 
please follow the A?4U link above. 

If you are interested in visiting or being a part of our group, please contact one of our leaders at,
(info@ahfhn.org) who will respond and answer any questions you might have, or just come
visit us any Sunday at 10:00 am.




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Dennis Finnan, (pastor of 40+ years experience)  --  is our Sunday Morning Speaker 


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Of all the gospels in the New Testament, the Gospel of John gives the clearest insight into who Jesus of Nazareth really was and is. In addition, the fullness of the faith of Christianity is expressed within, to give the reader a complete knowledge of God's plan of salvation for mankind. The Gospel of John also contains a chronological account of the ministry of Jesus, all through the Passion Week's events, His death and glorious resurrection. Here's our study...

                                                                                                                     Audio       Video   

                         #00 - "An Introduction to the Gospel of John"                  Listen
                          to Preaching  

                        #01 - "The Divine Word & Light" (John 1:1-13)                 Listen
                          to Preaching  
        #02 - "A Divine Mystery & Manifestation" (John 1:14-34)                 Listen
                          to Preaching  

             #03 - "The Twelve Apostles of Christ" (John 1:35-51)                 Listen
                          to Preaching  
- "The Miraculous Signs Begin" (John 2:1-11)             
                          to Preaching  

                         #05 - "Christ's Deity on Display" (John 2:12-25)               Listen
                          to Preaching  
                           #06 - "A Night With Nicodemus" (John 3:1-21)               Listen
                          to Preaching  
- "The Increase of Decreasing" (John 3:22-36)         
                          to Preaching  

  SPECIAL MESSAGE - "Christmas Joy" (Luke 1:46-56; Matthew 2:1-12)   Listen
                          to Preaching  
                                      #08 - "The Sychar Revival" (John 4:1-42)             Listen
                          to Preaching  
                                    #09 - "A Miracle From Afar" (John 4:43-54)            Listen
                          to Preaching  
                         #10 - "The Lawlessness of Legalism" (John 5:1-18)           Listen
                          to Preaching  
                                   #11 - "Heavenly Mathematics" (John 5:19-47)          Listen
                          to Preaching     
                                            #12 - "Two Miracle Narratives" (John 6:1-2    Listen
                          to Preaching 
                                  #13 - "Spiritual Words & Truths"" (John 6:22-71)      Listen
                          to Preaching     
                                    #14 - "Heavenly Timing & Testimony"" (John 7:1-24)         Listen
                          to Preaching 
                           #15 - "The Messiah's Origins & Destiny" (John 7:25-32)    Listen
                          to Preaching 
                                  #16 - "The Final Call of the Feast" (John 7:37-53)            Listen
                          to Preaching 


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