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Thanks for your interest in "A House For His Name" in Whitewater, CO 

We are a group of seriously committed believers in Jesus Christ, who meet on a weekly basis in our Church facility to practice our faith, worship and service. We are fundamental and non-charismatic in beliefs, and if you need to categorize us we are simply bible-believing people gathered together to do God's will and learn of His Word. 

If you are just starting your spiritual journey, or inquisitive about it, 
please follow the A?4U link. 

If you are interested in being a part of our group, please contact one of our leaders at, (info@ahfhn.org) who will respond and answer any questions you might have.




PREVIOUS EXPOSITORY STUDIES - "Great Texts of the Bible"

Listen to audio or watch video, "free," the Sunday Morning Messages below

Dennis Finnan, (pastor of 40 years experience)  --  is our Sunday Morning Speaker 


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This is a series of messages on “Great Texts of the Bible.” This is a thematic expositional study of certain passages of Scripture that have exceptionally great meaning and consequence. Many a preacher skip over these passages thinking either everybody knows them, or they do not need to truly know it. However, the Word of God must be deeply studied in every area.
For in it, if we dig deeply enough, we’ll find God’s ‘nuggets of truth,’ nestled in there
for our joyous learning and edification.

#01 - Great Texts - "Be Sure Your Sin Will Find you out!" - Num 32:23                        Listen
                          to Preaching  
#02 - Great Texts - "Choose... Whom You Will Serve" - Josh 24:15                              Listen
                          to Preaching  
    #03 - Great Texts - "By His Stripes You are Healed" - Isa. 53:5                                   Listen
                          to Preaching   *
#04 - Great Texts - "Call on Him ... While He is Near" - Isa. 55:6                                  Listen
                          to Preaching  
#05 - Great Texts - "It is Finished" - Isa. 55:6                                                                Listen
                          to Preaching  
  #06 - Great Texts - "All Things Work Together For Good" - Rom 8:28                        Listen
                          to Preaching  
      #07 - Great Texts - "A Belief That Save, All Who Believe" - Acts 16:31                   Listen
                          to Preaching  
               "SANCTITY OF LIFE SUNDAY" Message - January 19, 2020                              Listen
                          to Preaching  
            #08 - Great Texts - "The Mystery of Godliness" - 1 Tim. 3:16                            Listen
                          to Preaching  
   #09 - Great Texts - "Jesus Christ... The Same" - Hebrews 13:8                                  Listen
                          to Preaching  
                     #10 - Great Texts - "The Precious Blood of Christ" - 1 Pet 1:18-19                Listen
                          to Preaching   ++
                  #11 - Great Texts - "Silence in Heaven" - Rev 8:1                                        Listen
                          to Preaching  

            #12 - Great Texts - "The Alpha and the Omega" - Rev 21:6                              Listen
                          to Preaching  



                         * We are sorry about this video. The lip sync is a trifle off. Please watch it and do not watch the lips or mouth of the speaker, and it will be acceptable to watch, or
                          just listen to the audio version for a good recording of this message. Again, we apologize, our equipment can at times be problematic, as we too,  but we will try
                          our best, to do better each week forthcoming. Thanks for understanding. 
++ Problems, problems. This message in its entirety was electronically lost. I felt so bad about it, for many asked if they could listen again. So I went to the recording
                           studio and recorded this message again, and attached it to the Powerpoint slides. I hope it is helpful.



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