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Thanks for your interest in "A House For His Name" in Whitewater, CO 

We are a group of "empty nesters", who are seriously committed believers in Jesus Christ. We meet on a weekly basis in our "country" Church facility to practice our faith, worship the Lord and find our place of service to the Lord Jesus. We are fundamental and non-charismatic in beliefs, and if you need to categorize us we are simply bible-believing people gathered together to do God's will and learn deeply of His Word. 

If you are just starting your spiritual journey, or inquisitive about it, 
please follow the A?4U link above. 

If you are interested in visiting or being a part of our group, please contact one of our leaders at,
(info@ahfhn.org) who will respond and answer any questions you might have, or just come
visit us any Sunday at 10:00 am. in Whitewater, Colorado.

ANGELS - "The Good and the Bad"

Today there is much interest in other-world beings. Renewed UFO sightings, and even personal encounters with some type of aliens have even been reported. That there are possibly  other created personal beings in the universe besides humans excites the evolutionist, that they might be affirmed in their faith. But for others it arouses fear and alarm. However there are answers to all these things in the Book called the Christian Bible. As such, we shall explore this other world of living beings actually identified for us as the "angels of God." Study with us about it now...

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                       (07/31/22)           #01 -"The Origin of Angels""                                   Listen
                          to Preaching  
                     (08/07/22)           #02 -"The Organization of Angels"                       Listen
                          to Preaching  
                      (08/14/22)           #03 -"The Offense of Angels"                                    Listen
                          to Preaching  
                      (08/21/22)           #04 -"The Offense of Angels"                                     Listen
                          to Preaching  
                      (08/28/22) #05 -"The Orthodoxy and Outcome of Angels"     Listen
                          to Preaching  




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