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The Book of Ruth

Much belief today is that the Bible in the Old Testament is a Book of battles, bloodshed, and conquering. Although there is some of that in the formation and maintenance of the nation of Israel. In the midst of that is an oasis of beautiful rest and joy. The Book of Ruth is a beautiful story of almost hopeless tragedy that God turns into joy and redemption. Although the setting of the Book of Ruth is in the time of the Judges, and prevailing apostasy seemed to envelop many Israelites, God was at work, saving the world of humanity. This single Moabite Woman, from an outcast people group, was God's instrument to do just that. Join me in this delightful study that brings joy and blessings to all who read and study it.

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                              (09/04/22)           #01 -"An Introduction"                                          Listen
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                     (09/11/22)           #02 -"The Wages of Sin is Death"                              Listen
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                     (09/18/22)           #03 -"Ruth's Timely Reception"                                   Listen
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                           (09/25/22)     #04 -"Ruth's Touching Romance"                             Listen
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                    (10/02/22)     #05 -"Ruth's Triumph & Redemption"                             Listen
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                                      (10/09/22)     #05 -"Ruth's Title & Rights"                             Listen
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