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Our newest study entails looking at Paul the apostle's letter to the Church at Philippi.
Paul was in prison in Rome, and a man from this church, Epaphroditus came to him bringing
  a monetary gift to help him during his incarceration. Paul writes back a thank you, and includes
 helpful advice for them. Although ten years have elapsed, Paul still loves these people whom he first
 led to the Lord, and gives excellent advice on how to live godly in Christ Jesus. Join me as we look at this
 book and take the same advice from the Lord, now for you and me.

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       (01/22/23)  #01 -"Philippians - An Introduction"                    Listen
                          to Preaching       
      (01/29/23)  #02 -"Paul's Great Joy & Happiness"                    Listen
                          to Preaching       
      (02/05/23)  #03 -"Citizen Life in the Kingdom"                        Listen
                          to Preaching       
      (02/12/23)  #04 -"Dangers of Desire and Devotion"            Listen
                          to Preaching       
          (02/19/23)  #05 -"7-Fold Success for Christian Living   Listen
                          to Preaching       
             (02/26/23)  #06 -"A Kaleidoscope of Christianity"         Listen
                          to Preaching       



















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