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We are a group of "empty nesters", who are seriously committed believers in Jesus Christ. We meet on a weekly basis in our "country" Church facility to practice our faith, worship the Lord and find our place of service to the Lord Jesus. We are fundamental and non-charismatic in beliefs, and if you need to categorize us we are simply bible-believing people gathered together to do God's will and learn deeply of His Word. 

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Dennis L. Finnan, (pastor of 40+ years pastoral experience)  --  is our regular Sunday Morning Speaker 


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The Book of Nehemiah

Of all the Old Testament books, the Book of Nehemiah is one that speak to our modern generation more than many others. This book occurs during the Post-Captivity of the Jews when many returned in different periods to the land of Israel, and especially Jerusalem. Why did God include this book in His bible for us? Well, it appears the book of Nehemiah tells almost every generation of believers the do's and don't that please or displease God, and by obedience to the "do's" God's people of the New testament era, can have success and prosperity of soul and spirit. Notice I didn't say prosperity of earthly goods and delights. Yes, a measure of that does come too, but it's not God's main emphasis or purpose. An old expression in the church is applicable here. "We're only here to prepare for there." That's the Book of Nehemiah. So study with me as we seek God's presence and will in His timeless words.

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   (12/19/21)     Christmas Message 2021 -"A Biblical Look at Christmas"                  Listen
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         (12/26/21)         Nehemiah 01 -"An Introduction to Nehemiah"                         Listen
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  (01/02/22)         Nehemiah 02 -"Nehemiah's Call from God"                                            Listen
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          (01/09/22)         Nehemiah 03 -"The Long Road Home"                                            Listen
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        (01/16/22)         Nehemiah 04 -"The 12 Gates of Jerusalem"                               Listen
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      (01/23/22)         Nehemiah 05 -"God's Workers and Warfare"                               Listen
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