A Warm Fellowship of Believers in a Country Setting





6350 Kannah Creek Road - Whitewater, Colorado 81527

Services on Sunday at 10:00 AM





Due to the CCP Virus hitting Mesa County, we have suspended Church services for awhile, till things die down, and the dangers of spreading this to others does, as well. To facilitate not losing worship time, we have instituted a WORSHIP ONLINE in your home. So our video's will continue, but include some music for singing as a family in your home, and a time of prayer, and of course our messages, fresh each Sunday morning. Also included is a link for printing out my outline of the message too. If you enjoy this let me know and let the Church know too.


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Thanks for your interest in "A House For His Name" in Whitewater, CO 

We are a group of older 50+ seriously committed believers in Jesus Christ, who meet on a weekly basis in our "country" Church facility to practice our faith, worship and service. We are fundamental and non-charismatic in beliefs, and if you need to categorize us we are simply bible-believing people gathered together to do God's will and learn of His Word. 

If you are just starting your spiritual journey, or inquisitive about it, 
please follow the A?4U link above. 

If you are interested in visiting or being a part of our group, please contact one of our leaders at, (info@ahfhn.org) who will respond and answer any questions you might have.





Listen to audio or watch video, "free," any of the Sunday
Morning Messages below.

Dennis Finnan, (pastor of 40+ years experience)  --  is our Sunday Morning Speaker 


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SUNDAY MORNING MESSAGES  - "Are Expositions of the Bible"

Today, we begin a brand new study on the Book of “Hebrews” This is an in-depth expositional study of this book.  However, since the Word of God must be deeply studied in every area,  we will not skip any passages, but give you the clear meaning of it. Join us to discover the truth of this great book!


                                                                                               MESSAGE ONLY  - FULL SERVICE
#001 - "Hebrews - An Introduction"                                       Listen
                          to Preaching  
#002 - "Jesus Christ - God's Agent" - Hebrews 1:1-14          Listen
                          to Preaching  
#003 - "God's Warnings and Work" - Hebrews 2:1-18           Listen
                          to Preaching  
            #004 - "The Superiority of God's Apostle" - Hebrews 3:1-19    Listen
                          to Preaching        032220
       #005 - "Jesus - The God of Rescue and Rest" - Hebrews 4:1-18    Listen
                          to Preaching        032920
            #006 - "Jesus - The First and the Last" - Hebrews 5:1-14         Listen
                          to Preaching        040520






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